Planning for Everything

I’m so happy Planning for Everything is available. To complement the description, here are a few words from the Preface and an abundance of lovely Advance Praise blurbs. I know why the caged bird sings. – Maya Angelou Planning is a skill rarely taught in school. We learn to plan by observation and experience. As we rise from childKeep reading

Planners & Improvisers

Update: Planning for Everything is now available! My new book Planning for Everything is coming soon. I hope to publish in February. To learn when it’s available sign up here. In the meantime, I’d love your feedback on the draft description. Does this sound like a book you might read or suggest to a friend? Planning for Everything: The Design of Paths andKeep reading


I’ve been quiet. In May, I escaped the distractions of social media to write a book. It’s coming along nicely, but I have miles to go before I tweet. In the meanwhile, I’m inclined to string together a series of updates into what was once called a blog post. Today, I talked with Insa Keilbach about ecosocial design. HerKeep reading

Separating Stories

Last week I had a fight with a friend, let’s call her Jill, that left me deeply unsettled. This was not a conventional political debate but a profound disagreement about the truth. I’ve known and respected Jill for ages. She’s smart, educated, and successful. I called her because I’m troubled by the incoming administration andKeep reading

User Experience Honeycomb

I’ve had two big surprises as a writer. The first was the success of the polar bear book. The second was/is the longevity of the user experience honeycomb. When I created the diagram in 2004, I had two goals: to make the case that usability is necessary but not sufficient, and to bridge the communitiesKeep reading