Intertwingled (2014) is the fifth and final selection in my series of book excerpts. This section explores dangerous classification, a topic that’s timely given world events and politics. It also hints at the subject of my next book. Not much progress on that front, but now these excerpts are done, I’m ready to stop procrastinating and startKeep reading

Planning Book

I’m planning to write a book about planning. Like search, planning is a literacy that’s not taught in school. Yet, it’s a key to success in life and work. We plan for births, weddings, careers, retirements, and deaths. We plan events, trips, projects, and systems. We do it all the time but make the sameKeep reading

Search Patterns

Search Patterns (2010) is the fourth selection in my series of book excerpts. This is a practical book that helps people use the Search Patterns Library to design for discovery and to make search better. That said, as you can see in this excerpt, I had a bit of fun in the final chapter by dabbling in speculativeKeep reading

Ambient Findability

I’ve chosen Ambient Findability: What We Find Changes Who We Become (2005) for the third post in my series of book excerpts. The premise of the book is captured in this passage. My fascination with this future present dwells at the crossroads of ubiquitous computing and the Internet. We’re creating new interfaces to export networked information whileKeep reading

Information Architecture, First Edition

For the second post in my series of book excerpts, I’ve chosen the first edition of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web which was published in 1998. If you take a moment to flip through a dog-eared copy of the original polar bear book, you’re likely to laugh at the way websites used to look,Keep reading