Seeking Sanctuary

Last week, we moved from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Charlottesville, Virginia. It was a spectacularly challenging adventure. I don’t regret driving a 26 foot Penske truck over the Appalachian mountains, but I’ll never try it again. And, I am eternally grateful to our daughters, Claire and Claudia, for helping us load and unload. It was soKeep reading

World IA Day, Inc.

It’s been a cathartic year for the information architecture community. In the wake of the dissolution of the IA Institute, grief and sorrow linger, yet even now there are signs of new life arising from the ashes. Volunteers are working hard to ensure that both the Information Architecture Conference and World IA Day survive and thrive,Keep reading

Grief and Gratitude

This is my twentieth IA Summit and my first time contributing to the closing ritual. As you might expect of an introvert who wrote a book about planning, I’ve prepared my madness in advance. I hope to share a few passages from The Wild Edge of Sorrow. It’s a wonderful book by Francis Weller about ritualsKeep reading

Information Architecture Conference

I am delighted by the news that the IA Institute is now the home of the IA Conference. I attended every single IA Summit, and I spoke of my love of the community when I gave the 2014 Closing Plenary. But until recently, I was unsure if I’d continue to participate. I voiced my concernsKeep reading

Why to Plan for Design (and How)

My new book is about planning for everything from weddings to websites. My workshop and this post focus specifically on how to plan for design and how to explain why it matters. I realized that why and how are inseparable. In writing How to Plan for Design (and Why) I asked a few of the smartest folks I know how to explain the valueKeep reading