IA in Japan

I’m very excited to be visiting Japan this week and next for a series of events (private seminars and public talks) including UX Strategy Forum and IA Camp. UX Strategy Forum is designed as an international event (simultaneous English/Japanese translation, people from all countries are welcome). It’s a great opportunity to explore the strategic dimensions of user experience (and it’s not too late to register). IA Camp is a little more local. We’ll be exploring the differences between how information architecture has evolved in Japan, the United States, and globally; and where it’s all headed. I can’t wait!

Mount Fuji

But first, I have a mountain to climb. I’ll be staying at the lovely Maruei Ryokan near Lake Kawaguchiko, and if the weather permits, I’ll hike up and down Mount Fuji in a single day (not an easy task). Let me know if you have advice, and please wish me luck!

Strange Connections