Intertwingled Anniversary

I published Intertwingled a year ago, so to celebrate I’m sharing all the illustrations. I realize the risk of releasing this much Comic Sans into the wild and am prepared to live with the consequences. Speaking of which, I’m happy with the results of Intertwingled.

Writing the book gave me a deeper understanding of categories, culture, and systems thinking. Publishing the book led to speaking invitations (and wonderful experiences) in England, Norway, Switzerland, the United States, and most recently in Japan.

Nature is the root directory.

In addition, Intertwingled helped me to reframe my information architecture practice in the context of ecosystems. I recently completed a fascinating, collaborative project with the Harvard Business School’s Baker Library to study, understand, and map the entire research ecosystem across physical and digital contexts. As a result, the library is now positioned to create and improve services that are informed by connectedness and a sense of the whole. In short, the best consequence of Intertwingled is understanding.

Strange Connections