Advance Praise

Intertwingled is available via Amazon in print and digital formats. This is the first time I’ve self-published a book. So far I’m mostly happy with the experience. In an upcoming post, I’ll share all the gory details. But right now, I hope you’ll buy the book and let me know what you think. If you need a nudge, here’s the advance praise.

Intertwingled is a meditation on the connectedness of everything. From language and ontology to culture and strategy, Peter takes us on a journey that reveals how a simple change in what we take for granted can send ripples that reach far beyond our awareness.
– Irene Au, Operating Partner, Khosla Ventures

In the information age, we are all information architects, says Morville in this fresh and fascinating take on the discipline he played a huge part in creating. Drawing on nature, culture, history, and science, plus decades of deep personal experience helping major clients, Morville finds new and profound meaning in the business of helping users to find their way.
– Jeffrey Zeldman, author, Designing with Web Standards

MIND BLOWN OPEN, rearranged, and reshaped. This startling book took me on a twisty adventure in how to think, see, design, and experience the world differently. It’s like stepping through a door to a shifted universe that’s richer, deeper, and more connected. And, Peter reveals practical ideas and insights about how to build understanding and cope with complexity. Say goodbye to your current self when you start this book, because you won’t be the same person by the end of the journey.
– Kathy Sierra, author, Badass: Making Users Awesome

If James Burke, Donella Meadows, John Berger, and Peter Morville had dinner together on a quiet Friday evening, this book would be the record of their conversation. Just as much a spirited look at systems design, as it is a way of looking at the world. Essential.
– Liz Danzico, Creative Director, NPR

How does Peter Morville manage all the suffering and turbulence in modern information architecture? Having read this book, I now know. The guy has become a guru. He’s achieved enlightenment.
– Bruce Sterling, author, Shaping Things, co-founder, EFF

This is a delightful, surprisingly practical book: an insider’s guide to the best thinking on design, culture, and complex systems. True to his vocation, Morville makes it easy to find useful tidbits, while also opening doors and illuminating connections. Shining through it all is an invitation to expand our notion of what information architecture entails – and what it really takes to change the world. Intertwingled is a fine dinner party of a book, and Morville is a marvelous host.
– Vienna Teng, singer, songwriter, pianist

Intertwingled is exactly the book you’d expect from a volume with that fanciful title. Delightful. Full of unexpected connections. Panoramic. Practical. Wise. Anyone who makes the case that the Buddha was an information architect, as Peter Morville artfully does, is worth your attention. You won’t find a better guide to surviving and succeeding in a world of hyper-abundant information.
– Lee Rainie, Director, Pew Research Center’s Internet Project

Intermingles great thinking about interaction design with deep dives into spiritual, physical, and personal dimensions. Morville’s generosity with his own stories enriches a work of great insight on a topic that is ironically not seen as personal. From systems thinking to culture and politics, this work is deeply and diversely informed. Intertwingled is required reading for cultural interventionists.
– Brenda Laurel, author, Computers as Theatre

Peter Morville gently leads us to a place we can be still in discomfort. The book appears to be about information architecture, but the true value of this narrative is its appeal to a general audience. Readers outside the industry will identify themselves in Morville’s story. It will guide them into a better understanding of their relationship to information and perhaps incidentally into their own public library.
– Josie Barnes Parker, Director, Ann Arbor District Library

Intertwingled offers its reader a beautiful, personal journey into connectedness, a gentle invitation to reflect upon the nature of change, and a refreshingly honest exploration of life in a complex world.
– Dave Gray, author, The Connected Company

If you do read Intertwingled and enjoy it as much as these folks did, please consider writing a review on Amazon. It would be a big help. Thanks!