Web Architect

Web Architect was a column in Songline Studios’ Web Review magazine from 1995 to 1999. It offered a humorous yet practical exploration of information architecture topics. These articles were resuscitated by the amazing Wayback Machine and converted to PDF for the long now. They’re among the oldest texts in my archive of writing.

Information, Architecture, and Usability 03/12/99

Virtual Documents: The Challenges of Chunking 01/01/99

Building a Synonymous Search Index (Thesaurus) 10/30/98

Calculating the Cost of a Large-Scale Web Site 08/08/97

Dynamic Dueling 05/16/97

Intranet Architecture 03/21/97

Jumping Through Java 02/07/97

The Architect’s Toolbox 11/29/96

Your Front Door to the Web 10/25/96

Mapping Your Site 09/27/96

Revenge of the Librarians 05/10/96

Design for Change 04/12/96

A Double Edged Sword 03/15/96

Fixing Netscape 02/23/96