Web Architect

Web Architect was a column in Songline Studios’ Web Review magazine from 1995 to 1999. It offered a humorous yet practical exploration of information architecture topics. These articles were resuscitated by the amazing Wayback Machine¬†and converted to PDF for the long now. They’re among the oldest texts in my archive of¬†writing.

Information, Architecture, and Usability 03/12/99

Virtual Documents: The Challenges of Chunking 01/01/99

Building a Synonymous Search Index (Thesaurus) 10/30/98

Calculating the Cost of a Large-Scale Web Site 08/08/97

Dynamic Dueling 05/16/97

Intranet Architecture 03/21/97

Jumping Through Java 02/07/97

The Architect’s Toolbox 11/29/96

Your Front Door to the Web 10/25/96

Mapping Your Site 09/27/96

Revenge of the Librarians 05/10/96

Design for Change 04/12/96

A Double Edged Sword 03/15/96

Fixing Netscape 02/23/96