Planning Book

Update: Planning for Everything is now available!

I’m planning to write a book about planning. Like search, planning is a literacy that’s not taught in school. Yet, it’s a key to success in life and work. We plan for births, weddings, careers, retirements, and deaths. We plan events, trips, projects, and systems. We do it all the time but make the same mistakes. First, we procrastinate. We fear complexity, so we start too late. Then, in a hurry, we plan without thinking, sketching, or asking. Eventually, we suffer the consequences. Fortunately, since planning is a skill, we can improve. That’s the goal of this book: to help people be better at planning by making planning visible (and fun). I’d love your help!

Yin Yang

How do you feel about planning? Are you good at it? Any tips or tricks? Do you believe it’s a skill? Any horror stories about plans breaking bad? And what would you hope to see in a book about planning? Would you read this book? Is there someone you know who should? To help, please answer any or all questions via this survey. Thanks!

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