Peter Morville’s Podcast

As research for my planning book I’m hosting a series of informal conversations about planning for disruption, organizing the future, information architecture, and the nature of information in systems. You can listen via SoundCloudiTunes, or RSS Feed. I’ll talk with more folks soon, including those kind enough to complete my survey. I’ve also created an Understanding Planning discussion group to continue the conversation.


  1. Planning as a Learned Skill with Jessica Hall
  2. Prototyping the Future with Jorge Arango
  3. Preparing for Disasters with Amy Silvers
  4. The Fourfold Way with Rachel Joyce
  5. Planning for Leadership with Peter Merholz
  6. Lean Planning with Christina Wodtke
  7. Winging It with Livia Labate
  8. Back to School with Tony Grant
  9. Agile Mindset with Lindsay Kloepping
  10. Managing Expectations with Martin White
  11. Making Software with Jonah Bailey and Micah Alles
  12. Integrated Planning with Jim Young
  13. Embracing Uncertainty with Jeff Gothelf
  14. Augmenting Intelligence (AI) with Karl Fast
  15. EcoSocial Design with Insa Keilbach